Stress & Anxiety Management Programme

At The Retreat Kinsale we are well aware that a modern, busy life can lead to an over-load of stress & anxiety. However, with our stress management Cognitive Behavioural Therapy ( CBT), Hypnotherapy and bespoke body treatment programme we can help you to develop a clear, non-judgemental mind that is primed to handle anything life may throw at you.

This programme consists of 6 separate 60 minute sessions over a five week period and includes an initial hypnotherapy session, 2 bespoke body therapies of your choice, as well as 3 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


1. Once you have purchased your pre-pay voucher and are ready to book your appointment at The Retreat Kinsale please call our booking line on: 087-6664899.

2. While we do accept email bookings our preferred method of contact is voice-to-voice via phone. This ensures that you get your desired appointment, as emails can go unanswered while we are in session. This can sometimes cause unwanted delays.



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