NEW! The Retreat Kinsale Migraine Treatment

At The Retreat Kinsale we know that a Migraine isn't just another headache and that migraine sufferers can also experience a fast array of accompanying symptoms such as nausea, photosensitivity and visual aura, not to mention the acute, radiating pain. We also know that there are a number of Migraine triggers as well as physical areas affected by the condition itself. Reflexology is one of the best ways to target these triggers and symptoms.

Key symptoms of Migraine: neck pain, sinus congestion, nausea/vomiting, light, noise and smell sensitivity, visual disturbances, acute throbbing pain - usually located on one side of the head.

During your treatment we will use both foot and hand reflexology in order to give ourselves the best chance of hitting these stubborn reflex points. Our Indian head, face, neck and shoulder massage will combat any tension in these areas that contribute to your migraines and general tension headaches including the often-missed sinus congestion. We will also use our extensive nutritional and herbal qualifications and experience to council you through your dietary triggers and herbal solutions.

As with all our treatments, you will have ample time to relax in both our Mind and Body rooms with our complimentary personalised extras.


1. Once you have purchased your pre-pay voucher and are ready to book your appointment at The Retreat Kinsale please call our booking line on: 087-6664899.

2. While we do accept email bookings our preferred method of contact is voice-to-voice via phone. This ensures that you get your desired appointment, as emails can go unanswered while we are in session. This can sometimes cause unwanted delays.



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