NEW! Indian Head & Face Massage - 30% Off

Time at a premium? Then why not treat yourself to our 30 minute Indian Head & Face Massage and allow the stress and strain of a modern, hectic life to be drained away by expert hands!

With Indian Face Massage not only is restorative health received through the simple effect of deep rest and relaxation but also by massaging away the build-up of lactic acid that causes muscle tension. Lactic acid is a painful by-product of a muscle that has been too tense for too long. Put short, you'll look and feel like a new person!

To put it simply, the blood and lymphatic systems work together in order to bring everything to and take everything from every cell in your body. The blood essentially brings everything good, and the lymphatic takes everything bad away. By palpating the lymphatic and blood system of the face your therapist can unblock these ‘channels’.

So why not take 30 minutes to relax, unwind & de-stress in simple solitude?



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